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admin on 7th June 2017

The home office is essential part of the modern family home. As well as enabling you to work from home, it provides the space necessary to organise family paperwork. It can double as a cosy spot to retreat to for a quiet read or for those moments when you just need to be alone.

If you’re lucky enough to have the space, designate a room as an office. Alternatively, a guest room can double as a workspace.

If neither of the above options is practicable, a little more creativity and planning are perhaps all you need to transform a quiet nook into a useful work area.

Home office design - Maria Fenlon1. Desk Location

Some people love to face a view while working, while others find this distracting. Consider the position of your window; from which direction is the light coming? Position your computer so that light doesn’t fall directly on the screen.

If you intend to receive clients in your office, consider placing the desk so that it faces the door, in the so-called ‘power position’. Your arrangement will also need to be flexible if it’s to acommodate colleagues for collaborative work occasionally.

Home office design - Maria Fenlon2. Be flexible

Most guest rooms are used only a couple of times each year. Make the most of yours by designing it to be a multifunctional area.



Home office design - Maria Fenlon3. Lounging Around

If space allows, include a comfy chair to your workroom where you can put your feet up, relax and enjoy a coffee in between times.




4. Funky ideas

Here are some current, fun and creative ideas for a live-work-study space. Of course in a few years time, we might be printing our desks on 3d printers! Who knows what lies ahead.

See that all you need for your work is easily accessible. A few personal photos or inspirational images will help create a positive atmosphere so that you can thrive in your workspace.

Thank you for all your support during the year. We are looking forward to some exciting projects in 2017 and continuing to share some tips and ideas with you for your spaces.

Home office design - Maria Fenlon

Home office design - Maria Fenlon

Home office design - Maria Fenlon

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