Fit out Awards 2017 WINNER-Fit Out Project of the Year-Residential.

Dublin Interior Designer, Maria Fenlon

Our Story

They say that a present you receive and enjoy as a child can often be an indicator of a career choice in life, and that certainly was true in my case. I am the oldest of 8 children and remember being given a potter’s wheel one Christmas. I never asked for it, but was amazed that my mum would think that I would enjoy it, as she was so busy with the family. I’ll never forget the excitement of hiding myself in the garage with the walls and myself covered in mud, peddling the machine.

I spent my youth trying to bring some order to a house of ten people, constantly re-arranging storage units, wardrobes, painting and trying to make the best of the space. I didn’t always get huge support for my endeavours!

Other times, I loved being outdoors in the wood beside our home, weaving sticks together to create my space, selecting natural forms that I could easily bend and shape.


In school I had an amazing teacher called Sr. Marie Therese for Art and the History of Art and I was enthralled with her stories about paintings and techniques. My first time to see some of the masters of the Uffizi, I was overcome! Even to this day, I can remember and enjoy some of her comments and observations.

Now, I run my own interior design studio in Dublin, and use the creativity honed as a child to create beautiful spaces, just as I first used that potter’s wheel to create something special all those years ago. The whole thing really has come full circle, and I couldn’t be happier with where my imagination has taken me!”

Maria Fenlon

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